Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Rubber Paddle Black

Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Rubber Paddle Black

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Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition.

One crack of this Fantasy Rubber Paddle and your lover will know who's in charge! This bendable rubber paddle is soft enough for beginners to enjoy but stiff enough to still provide a firm whack. It hurts so good!

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  • Release Date: August 17, 2012

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This paddle is made of thick, flexible plastic and is pretty hard to the touch, so when I was being hit with it I was shocked by how much it stung. I loved it, and how it left small bumps on me afterward. The entire thing is bumpy, even the handle, which I guess provides more variety lol. I love it and would recommend it to someone who enjoys a bit of pain in the bedroom. ;)

Anonymous - October 13 2014

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